Project One

“Muggsy Bogues proved to be an exceptional keynote speaker, leaving a lasting impact on our audience and creating a memorable experience for all attendees. His engaging demeanor and laid-back personality made him easy to collaborate with, enhancing the overall event experience. Muggsy’s genuine enjoyment in interacting with the youth audience was evident, as he took the time to connect with each individual who approached him. His message of inspiration resonated with everyone present, regardless of age or background, making him a versatile choice for any fundraising event. Muggsy Bogues’s ability to transcend audience demographics and event types further solidifies him as a top choice for keynote speaking engagements.”

— Jay Scott, Development Director & Field Director, Blue Mountain Council, BSA, Kennewick, WA

“Thank you, Mr. Bogues. Your words of encouragement were inspirational and heartfelt. We appreciate the quick turnaround and individualized nature of your video message based on the notes we sent. Addie is going to flip! God bless & best to you and your family!”

“This video was everything we hoped for and more! Our son is going to absolutely flip out. Now I just have to keep it to myself for a week. Easier said than done. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, authenticity and kindness!”

“This was by far the greatest Christmas gift. My son is still in disbelief that “the GOAT said my name!” The tears have not stopped!”

“This was a great, truly authentic Cameo. I loved the camera angle and he included the details I sent as well as a few extra comments that made it feel really special. Thank you so much for making my brother’s Christmas more awesome!”

“Muggy’s video was unbelievable! The message was genuine and from the heart. It was the perfect gift for my 15 year old’s birthday. Thank you Muggsy, you’re a living legend!”

Family Court Services

“Muggsy Bogues came to Geneva County, Alabama and help encourage the youth of the county by presenting them with life pointers, goals, the reasons for goals, the tools to achieve the goals, self-motivation and confidence and the encouragement to look past one’s circumstances and environment and become a successful member of society. The experience with Muggsy went above and beyond what was expected and the whole experience left a positive impact on the children and adults in Geneva County. Students and teachers have expressed how Muggsy’s speaking event has positively impacted their lives and encouraged them to pursue the purpose God has for them for each individual life. As a community as a whole, we were blown away at Mr. Bogues professionalism as well his personal interacting and application with the students.”

Melanie Brown

United Egg Producers

“Muggsy was “eggscellent”!  He had our attendees laughing at times and crying at times.  Perfect amount of inspiring storytelling and passion.  I’d highly recommend him for any occasion.”

Chad Gregory
President and CEO

United Way of Onslow County

“Muggsy was well received. We had over 200 attendees at the luncheon and they all had positive feedback about his inspiring speech.  He was emotional and spoke from the heart.  I am glad we were able to book him and would do it again.”

Raquel Painter