Thank you so much for speaking at our recent Speaker Series events here at Kraft Heinz and continuing the conversation around leading with empathy. Both sessions were truly engaging, and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the discussions while getting the opportunity to listen to your inspirational story and insights!

The sessions resonated extremely well with our employees. Close to 500 global employees attended the second, virtual session and based on our post-session survey, found you and the discussion extremely informative and inspirational. Several employees shared some amazing feedback and I’d like to share some with you:

“I loved hearing about his journey from childhood to the NBA. I also loved that it ties in with something he is doing now as well. Something that we can help out with.”
“He was a very natural and down-to-earth speaker, no business jargon. He has remained humble despite his amazing career.”
“I learned about the challenges that were overcome. I love the quote, ‘If you fail, that’s life. But if you get back up, that’s living.’ And that is so true.”
“Great discussion around leadership and setting goals and achievement in the face of adversity.”
“I loved all of it.  Muggsy Bogues is such an inspirational, fascinating person.  Thank you for sharing his journey with us.  I loved the free form feel of the whole session.  It felt like Mr. Bogues was in my home and I was connected to his story.”
“Muggsy was outstanding!”

These comments are just a small demonstration of the positive impact you had on our Kraft Heinz employees both during your on-site visit to our plant in Newberry as well as the virtual session with the rest of our global employees.

Thank you for helping us support our culture of learning and reinforcing our company Value, We dare to do better every day!

— Ekpedeme Bassey, Chief Learning and Diversity Officer at KraftHeinz