Charlotte Metro Federal Credit Union

“Muggsy was a pleasure to work with and brought the positive attention to our company that we were looking for. He was professional, energetic, and his personality was an added bonus to the amazing work he put in. We were truly fortunate to have him work with us.”

National Basketball Association

From India to Tokyo and places like Italy, Muggsy Bogues has been spreading the word about the importance of not only basketball but healthy and active lives for the youth through our BBVA and 3X program as well as for our sponsor Metro PCS. Muggsy has been the ultimate champion for keeping our youth healthy and active, after each appearance we have heard nothing but praise and positive feedback about the effectiveness of Muggsy’s speeches and clinics. He is truly a pleasure to work with due to his admirable work ethic, easy going personality and enormous level of professionalism and love of the game. He has been the perfect fit for our cause!

Samaritan’s Feet

Muggsy Bogues is one of a “KIND”! He’s served as one of Samaritan’s Feet’s top “SPOKESPERSON and SHOES OF HOPE AMBASSADOR” for over 5 years…His “PASSION”, “DEDICATION”, and “COMMITMENT” to making the lives of over 300 million barefoot children we serve around the world better is unmatched. I have a deep respect for Muggsy not just for his outstanding contribution on the basketball court, but for the numerous lives he has inspired around the world. Muggsy has a “PRESENCE”…His “CHARISMA” and “DEDICATION” to “EXCELLENCE” are pristine virtues we hope we can pass on to the millions of children we serve worldwide. Don’t let Muggsy’s size fool you – he’s got the heart of a “Goliath in the land of Giants”…Muggsy has defeated many obstacle that has come his way and his tenacious spirit has impacted the lives of everyone he meets both on and off the court..I am honored to call him a friend, but more importantly a fellow co-laborer in God’s “VINEYARD” of love. Thanks for all you do for children both here at home and abroad…I appreciate you using your platform and passion for the needy to make a difference in the world…You are a True “CHAMPION”!