Bogues Encourages Youth to “Always Believe”

Former Charlotte Hornet Muggsy Bogues paid a visit to WBTV studio’s on Monday afternoon. Muggsy has always been determined to motivate the youth to believe that they can overcome the odds, by using his own story as an example. As many know, he’s widely known for his success as a 5’3″ NBA Athlete. Muggsy’s foundation, Always Believe Inc., took a timeout for several years after his mother passed away. But today Bogues was more than thrilled to say it’s back, and better than ever. “I am tired of all this bullying going on, where our young kids are not able to reach there full potential, believe in themselves, or have a dream that someday could be reached.” has been re-launched, and the goal is to raise awareness and funds, so that the youth have a safe environment to learn, grow and play. “We need a place for the youth to go, people for them to talk to, and someone to encourage them. I remember as a kid being small, being picked on. If I would have allowed that to get to me, I wouldn’t be here talking about this today.”


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