Bogues Breaks In Renovated Dome at Madison Square Center

Are you from here? The right arm of the man sitting at the top of the key, two seats over from Mayor  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, answers the question. Yes, the shotgun pellets lodged in that arm since he was 5 years old say that he’s from here, shot hoops here, was shot here and saw friends die here. “It’s just great to be back home in Baltimore,” Muggsy Bogues, told those assembled at Monday’s unveiling of the renovations to The Dome. “We didn’t have this type of facility,” Bogues continued. “But having this, [we see] Under Armour and the NBA have decided to make sure [kids] become active and continue to understand what’s important.” As a kid in Baltimore’s Lafayette projects, Bogues decided early on what was important for him, and what was important for him was basketball. When the older kids laughed at him for being too small and wouldn’t let him play, he tied empty milk crates to a chain-link fence to serve as a hoop. When his father went to prison for 20 years for armed robbery and his friends turned to the drug game, Bogues committed himself to the court.

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