Vascular Insights, LLC

“It was a true pleasure to have Muggsy as our featured speaker last week. There are so many parallel messages and points that he was able to discuss that fit into the experiences that we face on a day-to-day basis. As a “small, undersized” company, we constantly hear that “we can’t keep up with the big guys…..” As such, it can be a challenge to continually motivate our team and have them focusing on playing our game – – – not what the competition is trying to make us play. Well, Muggsy brought it all together by not only discussing his on-court challenges, but also his personal life experiences and what he faced growing up to the proud, accomplished person he is.

In addition, you and Muggsy were AWESOME to work with. You certainly went out of your way to understand our company, our challenges, and its philosophy so you could make our time together as meaningful as it was. To top it all off, the personal touch of spending time with each one of our teammates during and after made the event a huge win!”

Keith E. Jansen, CEO of Vascular Insights, LLC

WAT-AHH! Organization

“Muggsy did an excellent job relating to all of the kids and ensured each child improved their skills both on and off the court. He was great with the kids throughout his time at Chelsea Piers for the WAT-AAH! Foundation and Drink Up Event. It was such an honor to have him host the event.  Muggsy helped communicate our message by emphasizing the importance of drinking water and  staying active through physical activity. He spoke about his past experiences and how he overcame obstacles to succeed in the NBA and in life.  No matter how long it took, Muggsy made sure each kid completed the drills.  It was truly a once in a lifetime experience that the kids will remember for years to come. It achieved more than we could have ever hoped. The parents who were there loved it almost as much as the kids who were doing the drills. He did an excellent job ensuring the kids paid attention and were engaged, from the moment he stepped on the court and greeted all of them.  His ambition and desire was truly inspirational.  At the end of his time, the kids (and even some of the parents) did not want him to go.”

Christina Widga, WAT-AHH! Orgnization

Southco Distributing Company

“He absolutely was a great hit, Muggsy spoke from the heart, and told alot of great personal stories, and about personal situations, in which he overcame many odds and obstacles to get where he wanted to be.  His story is a classic case of being told you can’t do something, and then having the self confidence, motivation, dedication, and desire to prove them wrong. Muggsy was extremely open and engaging in a question and answer session after he delivered his talk. Our team enjoyed hearing him immensely, and I know we all left more motivated and dedicated because of his talk.”

Snyder-Lance, Inc

“Muggsy offered a great presentation as the special guest speaker during our employee day celebration at Snyder’s-Lance Inc. Our associates thoroughly enjoyed his inspirational story. Muggsy was gracious, funny, thoughtful and transparent. His message of discipline, teamwork and success were well received. Our associates are better for having had such a tremendous experience.”

The CORE Training, Inc.

“Muggsy Bogues spoke at our corporate event on May 19th, 2011 and he blew us away! He was real, down to Earth and an open book while sharing his incredible story. He was funny, authentic and transparent; our room of 200 were laughing, crying and most of all inspired throughout his speech. Muggsy Bogues truly changed lives in that room!
Thank you so much, Muggsy, for sharing with us!!”

Oneida Family YMCA

On behalf of the Oneida Family YMCA, I would like to thank Muggsy Bogues for his time and dedication to the health and well-being of the youth in our community. Muggsy’s story and dedication to his dreams became an inspiration to all those that were fortunate enough to hear his message at our Healthy Kids Day Event. He was a pleasure to work with and brought great enthusiasm and personality to our event. He challenged everyone to never give up on their dreams and to inspire to always reach their goals. This was a tremendous message to the youth that we serve and we cannot thank him enough for his participation and willingness to strive for a healthier children in our community.

The Doctors

“Working with Muggsy and his team was such a pleasure. His appearance really made the show and brightened our 11 year old guest, Nathan’s day. His knowledge of the game and his positive attitude make him a great role model not just for young basketball players but all kids, wanting to achieve their goals.”


On behalf of the Board of FFAYF, I would like to express my profound gratitude for the time and effort you spent with the young people over the two days in August to make the basketball camp a success. The sincere and forthright delivery of your message of perseverance had a significant impact on each person in the auditorium. Not only were they amazed by your story but your basketball techniques and your ability to teach the game was quite remarkable. The basketball camp is a major triumph for our organization. Needless to say, your presence both days made that possible. It was an absolute pleasure to have you speak and participate in our event. I sincerely hope that we will be able to work with you in the future. Once again, thank you for your time and effort, it was truly appreciated.

Charlotte Metro Federal Credit Union

“Muggsy was a pleasure to work with and brought the positive attention to our company that we were looking for. He was professional, energetic, and his personality was an added bonus to the amazing work he put in. We were truly fortunate to have him work with us.”

National Basketball Association

From India to Tokyo and places like Italy, Muggsy Bogues has been spreading the word about the importance of not only basketball but healthy and active lives for the youth through our BBVA and 3X program as well as for our sponsor Metro PCS. Muggsy has been the ultimate champion for keeping our youth healthy and active, after each appearance we have heard nothing but praise and positive feedback about the effectiveness of Muggsy’s speeches and clinics. He is truly a pleasure to work with due to his admirable work ethic, easy going personality and enormous level of professionalism and love of the game. He has been the perfect fit for our cause!